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ABOUT Real Estate Wholesalers Club
Welcome to We’re a club of real estate wholesalers dedicated to helping you escape the 9-to-5 Rut of a J.O.B., and Live the Life of Your Dreams by Discovering How You Can Make Money Flipping Properties in Your Spare Time with No Cash or Credit Required – Starting Today! This club was started by Justin Chamness – a serial real estate wholesaler that left his J.O.B. and created a successful real estate wholesaling business...

The Story of Real Estate Wholesalers Club
Your J.O.B. is SUCKING the Life out of YOU! Literally!
There’s an sickness in our society. We’ve seen tons of people whose jobs enslave them, yes, literally taking away their freedom. Does that sound familiar? Is that You? It's Damn Near Everybody!
Society teaches you to get a “safe” job and work hard so you can finally retire someday and enjoy your life. (Bullshit Alert). While that may work for some people, it doesn’t work for us. We are categorically "unemployable".  You can enjoy freedom and fulfillment in your life starting now! You have the right to OWN the life of your design!

Here We Believe You Deserve More
Your friends and family might even tell you it’s crazy to think that there’s any other way to make a living. You need to get that SHUT-UP Money! They probably tell you it’s “risky.”  "Play it safe and boring" they say.  But, we didn't listen. Now we enjoy more time with our families while those "bosses" are still miserable in their day jobs.
In our club we believe you can BE something more. You Don't Have to Be a Victim to Your Job. In this club we say that the greatest risk is to live a life that doesn’t fulfill you. As a part of Real Estate Wholesalers Club, you’ll find true freedom and fulfillment without fighting your way up the corporate ladder and without falling victim to a boss that rules every waking hour of your life. They suck for that!

The Lifestyle of Your Dreams
When we say lifestyle, we’re not just talking about money and wealth. Your lifestyle should provide the freedom to pursue your passions, spend more time with your family, express your creativity, not live in survival mode, not wholesale your time and abilities out to a boss that doesn’t appreciate you…do we need to go on?
Believe me. We've been there and we know how it is. It saps your energy. It crushes your very SOUL.  You feel like you have no control over your time. And the fact is, you don't.  You wake up every day wishing there was something else. Well, you were meant for something better.  The hardest part is getting you to believe that is true for yourself!

The Undecided One
At first when I quit my job, family and friends thought I was off on another "crazy idea".  My own father asked, "Son, when are you going to find what you're looking for?" Then they all saw the life we’d created and how we were perfectly happy and secure outside of the 9-to-5. In fact, people started asking us how we did it. I'd already gotten my "SHUT-UP MONEY".  It was too late for the naysayers to steer me wrong again!
However, I knew that even if I told them exactly how I did it and how easy it is, most of them would just go back to their “secure” jobs and not change a thing. I didn’t know if we could face that disappointment knowing the huge impact it could have on their life if they would just try it.
Encouraged and excited, I started Real Estate Wholesalers Club in April of 2015.

What Real Estate Wholesalers Club Offers
As a part of our club you’ll discover how to:
1. Discover how you can create an extremely profitable real estate wholesaler business - so that you can escape the J.O.B...  2. Use Real Estate Wholesaling as a vehicle to live the life you always wanted.
3. Attain financial freedom and the ability to live the life of your dreams.
4. Discover inside tips and tricks on real estate wholesaling that would take years to learn.
5. Learn exact “step-by-step” details on how to successfully complete a real estate wholesale transaction from start to finish. And nearly 100% of it is free... that's right.  Free.  That means NO COST to YOU!

About Justin Chamness
Justin is a former ordained minister, a bartender, a janitor, an insurance salesman, and a chauffer... (see, he's had 1000 jobs, and they all SUCKED MAJOR). Because of his unrelenting desire to do something for himself, Justin sunk every ounce of focus he could muster into real estate wholesaling.  He says it's about the only "REAL" thing he could afford to do. Since then, Justin has travelled the US to motivate and train sales reps; worked in an investment banking firm doing $50,000,000 transactions. He has also executed hundreds of real estate wholesaling transactions, with a cumulative transaction value of approximately $10,000,000. Justin will tell you he is not a Fix & Flipper, although he has done many of those.  He will tell you he is not a landlord, although he has been a landlord many many times over.  He is a Real Estate Wholesaler.  He is proud of that, and wants the world to know.
Currently in this market Justin is wholesaling 7-10 properties a month, ugly houses, pretty houses, and wholesale lease options. Justin has been married to Angela since 2015 and lives in Kansas City, Missouri with his 3 sons.
Saturdays 10AM (cst)